Champions League final hits May 28th!

This year's Champions League final is setting up to be an all time classic. Manchester United face off against Barcelona and the tickets are selling like crazy. They have been priced between £1,250 and about £2,500 so get that platinum credit card out and let's get you a ticket.

When it comes to ticket sales for the Champions league there is only one website worth checking out. Hit up the championsleagueticketshop website and let's see what they have to offer.

The website is very easy to navigate and it is packed with great Champions League information. Most importantly though, they sell tickets! It is getting very close to the final and there aren't many seats left. No matter what they are going to cost you but at least with this website you'll get a good deal.

Just click on the 'buy tickets now' button and you can pick the best suited tickets for you, depending on seating area the cost will vary.

Be sure to snap up tickets while you can, there is just over a week left until kick off!